Committed to reducing waste and improving the city of Ottawa’s waste management practices and contributing to a greening of the city by supporting the development of new and improved waste diversion programs.

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WWO Priorities for the Solid Waste Management Master Plan (April 2022)

  • support city council’s zero waste vision and adoption of the climate emergency declaration
  • aim for at least 70% waste diversion comparable to leading municipalities
  • reduce climate impacts by improving organics collection and considering bio gas options
  • no new landfill / no incineration
  • manage and use the Trail road landfill as an “evergreen” facility for the long term
  • adopt a user pay system for garbage collection
  • reduce the allowable waste for curbside pickup
  • mandate recycling and organics collection in all multi-residential properties as a condition of city garbage collection
  • increase spending on promotion and education by 4 times to match spending by other municipalities

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