Why Waste Disposal Matters

From the Ottawa Citizen Sept 6, 2018

I was disturbed to hear Mayor Jim Watson say that reducing garbage is not a priority among residents. Most people give little thought to what they put out at the curb and don’t care what happens after that. City leaders are doing nothing to create public awareness and encourage more responsible practices.

I believe our politicians need to take a stronger leadership role. It should be a priority to prolong the life of landfills, protect our environment, manage our tax dollars wisely and do what’s best for the future. Think beyond the four-year term. Once the Trail Road site is filled, the city will need to make a major investment in a new facility. It won’t be pleasant and it won’t be cheap.

Ottawa is falling far short of the province’s diversion rates and it is disgraceful. Get over the fact that green bin waste is “yucky.” It’s garbage and garbage stinks. Aside from toxic items such as batteries and chemicals, organic waste is the most harmful thing going into landfill. The liquids can leach into the soil and pollute groundwater. For this reason, organic waste should never go into landfill. Either put it in the green bin for processing or compost it at home.

If the Orgaworld agreement is flawed, find another option. Don’t make bad decisions that end up costing taxpayers more.

The city does a terrible job at informing residents about waste diversion. Please spend a few dollars on public education and awareness campaigns. Residents only take interest in garbage when there’s talk of a new landfill, especially if it will go in their region. The proposal for a construction waste landfill in Carlsbad Springs is a prime example of this. We need more dialogue and information on this important issue.

Please, show some leadership and do what’s best for our city.

Rebecca Dufton, Cumberland