Trash Fight: Letter Published by Ottawa Citizen

Trash fight not Ottawa’s alone: Letter published by Ottawa Citizen.

Re: City under pressure to sell public on using green bins, Aug. 27

Every time I see an article on this topic I see ‘red’ not ‘green’!

The Orgaworld contract has been poorly negotiated from the start, but there doesn’t seem to be much coordination across city departments on the topic of green waste either.

The city has gone full steam ahead with intensification over recent years but seems not to have built in requirements for multi-residential buildings to manage organic waste (or adjacent green space, green roofs, setbacks that don’t curtail future road options, not to mention strategies to increase affordable/public or social housing options).

A quick search on Google finds a variety of strategies ranging from: a retrofit example for older buildings (an apartment building in Scarborough that converted their garbage chute to a green only waste chute) to requirements for trisorter chutes in all new structures.

But surely this has or should be a topic on the regular meetings or collaborations of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities or the equivalent mayors group that should generate a variety of options and strategies — I cannot (or maybe I don’t want to) believe that Ottawa is struggling on alone with this issue.


Linda Murphy, Ottawa